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Christopher Worth has become known for his unique style of bohemian blues which he developed as a street performer traveling across the US and Europe.  His most recent album - Pardon Me - is the third and final piece in a trilogy titled The Identity Triptych that began with his first two records, Six Foot Soul and Two.  Produced by Steve Berlin (Crash Test Dummies, John Lee Hooker, Los Lobos), Pardon Me spans a wide range of genre and style and is tied together by melodic songwriting, potent lyricism, and Christopher’s powerful voice.  


Written and recorded over a period of 6 years, The Identity Triptych explores concepts of self-love, romance, and transcendence within the frame of modern folk and pop/r&b music.  Each record weaves together a mix of songs and interlude pieces to take the listener through a musical and conceptual journey.  The interludes themselves feature vocal samples composited into mosaics of poetry to tell a greater story between the music.  Ultimately, the trilogy is intended to be accompanied by full length animated films.


Since the completion of The Identity Triptych, Christopher has been performing as a duo (Worth & Strain) with David Jacobs-Strain (Eugene, OR) at a variety of West Coast US festivals as well as in a vocal based trio with Jenni and Amanda Price of Acoustic Minds.  Christopher and The AM just recorded a six track EP called Sliver (out 6/10/23) which features a variety of fresh material presented in a minimalist but expansive production.  


Sliver is a beautifully intimate and refined window into his work and represents a departure from the more fully produced material.  Recorded live at the Rhududu in just one day, Sliver focuses just on Christopher’s vocals and guitar/keyboard supported by the rich harmonies of Acoustic Minds.  From the opening track (Shadow) through the end (High Hopes), the EP delves into darker themes of loss, death, and unrequited love before emerging at the end in a place of lightness and freedom.  These three vocalists have been singing together for over a decade now and this is evidenced in the tightness and dynamics of these performances.   It is refreshing to hear the depth of these songs performed with such minimal production. 


Christopher also recently finished tracking on his next full length record, Levity, which is slated for release in mid 2024.


He has opened for international acts such as Allen Stone, Everlast, and Ron Artis II, and was one of the Friday night headliners Portland's Waterfront Blues Festival (pre-pandemic).  His songs are timeless, captivating and real and tied together by the power and purity of his voice. 

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